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26 September 2017 // 21:00h

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, aula magna

Das Weltschmerz Duett

Milen Kukosharov
(Bulgaria), piano

Vesselin Vesselinov – Eko
(Bulgaria), double-bass

Das Weltschmerz Duett


Jazz concert

Here are few words about our piano/bass duet with a very strange and hard to pronounce name- “Das Weltschmerz Duett” (we insist on the double “T” in the name):
Milen Kukosharov is on the piano and Vesselin Vesselinov – Eko is on the double bass and occasionally on melodica. We consider ourselves a rather weird musical creature. As individuals we have steady careers performing as sidemen and writing/producing music for the most commercially successful artists in Bulgaria – from pop to jazz and everything in between. We can be considered as highly in-demand pros. Our duet thing started after being offered a gig at a very obscure and underground bar in the heart of Sofia, called “The Barn”. The typical crowd that frequents there is mainly the city bohemians – actors, movie and theater directors, painters, writers, journalists, university professors, etc. mixed with some low cost airlines backpackers and even some people from the city’s criminal underground. For this very exciting and colorful audience we can afford ourselves taking huge musical liberties (which we can’t in our “mainstream” gigs) and improvise on everything from Shostakovich to Satie, and from Piazzolla to famous movie themes. One night, a guy who looked as a late Count De La Ferre heard us playing one of the Erik Satie’s Gnossiennes and offered us his services in producing a CD. That’s how our first recording saw the daylight. It’s called “ImproviSatie” and it contains our arrangements of his six “gnossiennes” and three “gymnopedies”. The album has been greatly appreciated by both the audience and the critics and as a result was signed up for the more significant art stages in the country.

                M. K. & V. V.