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29 September 2017 // 19:30h

Central Military Club, Sofia

Lana Trotovsek,
violin (Slovenia),

Daniela Dimova,
soprano (Bulgaria)

and Ludmil Angelov,
piano (Bulgaria)

Lana Trotovsek
Lana Trotovsek Daniela Dimova
Daniela Dimova Ludmil Angelov
Ludmil Angelov

Chamber music concert

“In the music world of Eduard Nápravník”

Eduard Nápravník
Four pieces for violin and piano op. 64:
      №1 Nocturne
      №2 Valse-caprice
      №3 Mélodie russe
      №4 Scherzo espagnol
Eduard Nápravník
“To my High North” op. 35 №3,
song on a poem by Apollon Maykov
Three songs on poems by Afanasy Fet
and Heinrich Heine, from op. 56:
      №1 “Willow” (Fet)
      №2 “As it starts to gloam” (Fet)
      №3 “I cried in my dream” (Heine)
Eduard Nápravník
Four songs on poems
by Alexander Pushkin, op. 68:
      №1 “Separation”
      №2 “In front of a Spanish noblewoman”
      №3 “Dear acquaintance”
      №4 “Awakening”
Eduard Nápravník
Sonata for violin and piano op. 52
      Andante sostenuto – Allegro
      Scherzo: Vivace
      Andantino doloroso
      Allegro con fuoco